Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Me!

So I decided if Todd can have his own blog then so can I. :) Although my blog isn't going to be as complicated as Todd's, i don't like to think when i don't have to. Anyway this blog is going to just be about me and my little life!

So far my life isn't too exciting.... I live in Duchesne now that i'm married... I work everyday... sleep in on weekends. sad to say it's pretty much like everyone's life here in Duchesne. But i do have to admit i love being married to Todd and he makes life more exciting and fun! He's the best!

Talking about exciting things... I'm so excited for Saturday because that is the first day of sign-ups for my dance company! I'm so excited to start teaching dance, having my own team and my own company. I love it! It's my dream come true! Since i first walked into my very first dance class at nine years old, i knew that i wanted to be a dance teacher when i grew up. Since then, there has been no question about it! I've always said i wanted to be a dance teacher! "I will teach my kids dance classes and have my own studio eventually" that is what i told EVERYONE! and well that dream will come true fairly soon hopefully. I'm on my way there! And the best thing is, is that so far Todd as stuck by my side the whole way through it! He is a sweetheart and i know he will always help me through anything and be proud of me for accomplishing my dreams!!!

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