Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kari's Birthday!

This friday was my older sisters birthday. For the past month or so I couldn't think of a good present to give her; finally I thought of a very exciting thing to make for her!!! I decided that I was going to make her a magnent board. She loves hanging pictures all over her room so I figured she would find this gift very useful and fun! I was thinking of a theme to do for her board, which wasn't too difficult. She LOVES penquins and she LOVES the color purple!!! So, I decided that I could do penquins with purple if I added a little bit ice blue color. It turned out soooo cute!!! and I'm happy to say she LOVED IT and was SUPER EXCITED!!!!


Jack Ady said...

I LOVED your magnet board! It turned out so adorable. You are quite the crafter! You fit right in with us girls. yay! I also LOVE your background. Hooray for Christmas.

Jack Ady said...

Oops... I forgot I was still logged in as Jack- this is actually Dayna. =)