Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What to do?

As some of you may know I recently had my sister put caramel colored streaks in my hair. I loved the new look!!! Sadly, I am not very good at doing hair, I’m the type of girl who throws in a ponytail or just wears it down and straight... cuz well that’s pretty much all I know how to do with my hair; well except having it in ringlets or three-barrel curls, but for my hair... that can take a while.... So anyway my point is that I don't have motivation to do/style my hair because I don't know how to do cute up-dos and such. So quite frequently I get bored with how my hair is cut and/or colored.

My long time goal is to grow it out long again... Unfortunately, it’s taking FOREVER! I start to get bored with it so I give it a little trim or add a little color. But this obviously doesn’t last long... now my debate is what to do about my dreadful situation?..... Do I cut it off a bit and get a new style to it? Or do I try to be patient while I let it grow out?? Decisions, decisions....

I supposed if I do wait for it to grow out then I can just maybe change the color more often or.... in the mean time I could stress myself out by trying to get my hair to go in different styles... (its not very cooperative most days)... or do I...., do I what? I just do not know what to do with my hair... if you have suggestions, PLEASE HELP!


julie said...

Your hair always looks so pretty! I know when I had longer hair, which its never been LONG, but I always put it up. When I cut it shorter I had to do it everyday and sometimes I miss the easy days with the pony tails. If I were you, I would weigh out what you really want to do with your hair every morning and then decide which route you will take. But you are so beautiful that either way will look wonderful on you.

Dana Kay Wilkerson said...

thanks julie! :)