Friday, February 6, 2009

Things I want to do in life:

So, I've had this list my whole life of things I've always wanted to do/accomplish, places I've wanted to go, and things I've wanted to see. Well my list just keeps getting bigger; you would think that if I really wanted to do, accomplish, see and experience those things that my list would slowly but eventually get smaller. Well..... it pretty much stays the same or gets enormously bigger! So, here is my list; some of the things I have already done, but they were still on my list at some point or another.

Dana's list of things to live my life to my fullest:

~Get married to the most amazing man ever! (already done that obviously...)
~Have a family of my own 3-4 kids (haven't quite got to that one yet)
~Have my own place to call home (got that one recently! :) )

Ok now that we got the pretty obvious ones on the list, here is my "not so obvious" list:

~Become a dance teacher. (yes, I have wanted to be a dancer teacher honestly since I started dancing at age 8 or 9)
~Have my own dance studio. (still working on talking Todd into that one. ;) )
~Choreograph a dance for a team at a competition/big event (happened last year and will again in March & April, yay!)
~Being asked to choreograph for a dance team besides my own.
~Have my dance team be specifically asked to perform at an event.
~Be in a magazine! or on a billboard/big advertisement for something (yep, i think it'd be awesome!)
~Be fairly well known, positively for something I accomplished (maybe dancing or modeling).
~Ride in an airplane (done it once, round trip to Cali! yes!)
~Ride in a limo!
~Go to Hawaii
~Go to a professional ballet
~Ride in a hot air balloon (... maybe i'm kinda scared of heights... but it'd be AWESOME!)
~Ride in a yellow taxi cab
~Go paraselling (i dunno how to spell it lol)
~Have a make-over and sexy photoshoot (haha not too sexy, some say i might've already done that for modeling... i dunno.)
~Go dancing in the rain (done that lots, but that is no reason to take it off of the list)
~Stay in the log cabin hotel at Daniel's summit.
~Have a puppy of my very own! (yup, that is "Oops"- love her!)
~Go on a cruise! YEAH!
~Take my family on a trip somewhere.
~Have 3-4 kids (dancing girls of course and basket player boys)
~Get sealed in the Temple
~Have a happy, loving family always!
~Be a good mom, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter...
~Witness a miracle!
~Become very successful at what I do.
~Get a tan (*sigh*....someday...)
~Go to four-corners
~Win Over-all Queen or a high point award for dance!
~Live to be 101! (gotta be pretty lucky for that! you'd become famous! lol jk)
~Live with Todd forever and ever!
~Be the girl that people say, "She's so gorgeous!" even when I'm in lazy day clothes.
~Stay small! :)
~Always look young!
~Go to a different country (FRANCE!!! :) would definitely be first choice!)
~Have a jacuzzi tub in my house! (of course that means a master bathroom too!)
~Invent something (even just something simple and little.... wow! I guess I'm really am a true ASAY, lol!)
~Learn photography

Well this is a HUGE list already... and well I'm sure there is many more but I will have to add those some other time. :)

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julie said...

I loved your list. you are going to be, and already are, super busy. You are so fun, thanks for everything. i love you.