Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I know I haven't blogged since forever! (St.Patrick's Day it looks like). So I decided I would do a short little blog. I decided I would blog about a few random facts about me.... weird things i hate.... pet peeves and such! So after you read mine, let me know yours. :)

Random thinks I HATE:

I HATE TOOTSIE ROLLS!!!!! .... don't get me wrong, i LOVE chocolate but it's not supposed to come in the chewy- taffy form. they are just flat out disgusting!!

I HATE BLONDES!!!... well just because... they are so air headed... and most are stuck ups and well guys always go for the them first & obviously there is no good reason to go for them first! (Lucky for me, Todd doesn't like blondes either).

I HATE THE TASTE OF ENVELOPES!!! ... Envelopes have the worst taste in the world! it's like your licking dried glue! it's so nasty! it seriously makes me gag!! (although some aren't as bad as others). But if companies are going to make envelopes that they want to make you lick it to stick it, then why don't they just make it flavored!!

I ALSO HATE CHEERLEADERS!!.... seriously, anyone can go out there and scream for their team! it's just a bunch of girls that want to wear short skirts in front of the entire school! (maybe i think this because i have been in a school that hasn't very often had many talented cheerleaders). But still, yelling "GO TEAM" or "2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate" doesn't take that much talent! Although maybe it's hard for some girls to move their mouths and arms at the same time... but seriously! It takes practice to do stunts and tumbling but... well not many cheerleaders around here can do that.


I HATE THAT SOME PEOPLE THINK THAT DANCE IS NOT A SPORT!!!!.... it takes a lot more practice than any other sport!!! It takes just as much muscle, energy, timing and so on! In fact, it's a lot harder than football or basketball or baseball or soccer! Dancing takes technique, practice, flexibility, timing, rhythm, showmanship and the list goes on! Football takes... umm.. running into someone and catching the ball; that's about it! If football is a sport than dance is DEFINITELY A SPORT!!! A wise man once said: "The real athletes perform at half time."

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julie said...

I love it!!! I hate tootsie rolls too and hate that people don't consider dance a sport! Dance takes every bit if not more skill that alot of "sports"! I have been to bat many a times for the cause of "DANCE IS A SPORT!"